Pupil Zone

Great Websites

Stay Safe Online

 Superclubs Plus – All of our Key Stage Two children have an account at this site, which encourages them to communicate online and use the Internet safely.

 Doug’s Safe Surfing – A guide to safe ‘surfing’ from Disney.

 Gridclub Cybercafe – Learn how to use the Internet safely using this fantastic site.

Practise Your Typing

 Dance Mat Typing – Learn to type more quickly using this fantastic site.

 Senselang – A simple site which can really help to speed up your typing.

Safe Searching

 Yahooligans – A child-friendly version of Yahoo, with categories and searching options. Very useful.

 Ask for Kids – The children’s version of ‘Ask’. Jeeves is now retired, but this is still very useful.

 Picsearch – If you’re looking for pictures try this site. It’s much safer than Google Images.

Learn New Things

 Woodlands Junior School – Visit this wonderful school website to find out about different topics, and play some educational games!

 Kerpoof – This amazing site lets you make your own movies, drawings cards, stories and more!

TV and Film Sites

 Children’s BBC – Discover your favourite TV programmes.

 CITV– The CITV site is full of information about the children’s TV.

 CBBFC – Learn about films and how they are given different classifications here.

 Film Street – Do you want to make your own films? Find out more about film-making here!

 Disney – Learn about your favourite film and cartoon characters at the Disney site. There is lots to see.