Year 6 Revision Area

Online Games and Activities for Year 6

You do not have to do them all. These are to help you to practise the skills and knowledge that we are learning at school in preparation for your SATs in May. The more that you can do the better. When you find one that you really like, highlight it off so that you know to come back to it. Some will suit you more than others. Have fun!



Accelerated Reader



 Links to lots of interactive games to practise skills. Select the area of maths that you want to practise at the top first. Some are flash so will need a computer.

 Links to mini quizzes against a timer for all of the maths areas taught this year. Test your knowledge!

 Links to maths games. Each game has ticks next to the year groups that it is appropriate for. There are some English ones that you can select too but the maths ones on this site are better.

 Links to activities and games for all areas of maths. Some are just question and answer quizzes and others are interactive games. You need to sort through to see what is best for you.

 Lots of maths games (space invaders etc) linked to a variety of areas of maths, not just number. Flash required for most. Note: please avoid the column subtraction game as it is a little confusing.

 Links to quiz pages where you can answer easy or difficult questions and check your answers for each area of year 6 maths (you need 10-11 year old ones!

 A great site for extending your thinking. There are a few interactive problems to solve but explore the site to see what else you can find too. Flash required.

 Memory games covering shape, measures and fractions. Flash not required.

 Quite fun games where you have to answer quickly in order to move your character forwards. Try the swimming game or the pole one!

 Info to read, video reminders about what you are learning about and then games and quizzes about each one.

 You have to use your login to practise your times tables. Little and often with this one is best!