Our Values

“Striving for Excellence; United in life-long learning for a better tomorrow.”

Mowmacre Hill Primary is dedicated to enabling all our pupils to have high aspirations that will provide them with dynamic and inclusive opportunities that will take them beyond their community. A Team of dedicated professionals who place the wellbeing of our children and their families at the heart of everything that we do.

By empowering our pupils to take risks in a safe and secure environment allows them to achieve, challenge themselves, and grow into respectful and confident citizens in a modern-day Britain.

We want all children to understand the importance of common values and have used four key values to create our School Houses.

The houses and values are:

  • Aspiration – Red house
  • Innovation – Yellow house
  • Fortitude – Blue house
  • Unity – Green house

We also believe strongly in the Trust’s vision for all members of the Discovery Schools Academy trust.

At Discovery we believe that every child and adult in our schools should have no limits placed upon their learning. Everyone has great potential and our schools work hard to ensure that children in our schools Discover their potential. All of our trusts work is focussed on enabling children to have Limitless Learning opportunities in order to Discover their potential.

By working in collaboration with Discovery we can unite and ensure that our experiences for our children are aspirational, educational and meaningful – and promotes learning in a way that is exciting and fun, providing the skills to be an active role model in modern day Britain.