Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training Ofsted Report

 We are delighted to announce that our partners, Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training, have achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating in their recent Ofsted inspection.

The inspection, conducted in May 2023, assessed the program’s overall effectiveness, the quality of education and training, as well as its leadership and management. The Ofsted report highlighted the overwhelmingly positive experiences of trainees, who actively sought out Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training due to its renowned high-quality training. The inspectors were particularly impressed by the strong culture of ambition, professionalism, and high expectations, all while prioritising the wellbeing of trainees. As one Headteacher said, “There is a really strong culture of ambition, professionalism, and high expectation, but this is all wrapped up by having the well-being of all trainees at heart.”

Mowmacre Hill is proud of the partnership we have with Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training, and we know encourage parents who might be interested in a Teaching career to ask in school for more information about how to train with us.  Trainee teachers benefit from the fantastic support provided by the dedicated staff at the centre and during their placements in schools.

Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training offers various routes towards Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), including SCITT (fee-paying and salaried) and assessment-only routes. We are thrilled to announce that 90 trainees have already signed up to begin their journey with us in September this year, across the region.

The ‘Outstanding’ rating awarded to Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and passion of all those involved in the program. It exemplifies the strong partnership between the training provider, schools, and trainees, all working together to shape the next generation of confident and effective teachers.

If you are interested in delving deeper into the details of the Ofsted report or exploring the possibility of becoming a teacher through Inspiring Leaders Teacher Training program, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can find more information and contact details on our website at